Compensation data of more than 20,000 Board Members in about 3,000 corporations in one database.


REM SMART ( is a leading portal for published Executive Director’s and Non-Executive Director’s pay. It holds great interest among many diverse stakeholders – be it corporations, their remuneration committees, compensation experts, investors, media, scientists, or any interested individual and organization. Consulting firms are also welcome to make use of our data for their projects.

Setting appropriate pay levels, defining adequate market pay structures and calibrating the pay-for-performance logic – all make market intelligence a prerequisite.

Transparency is key for getting the management pay equation right. Current disclosure rules differ significantly country-to-country. Transparency is not so much defined by the quality of disclosure of a single company, but by comparability across companies. REM SMART ( sheds light on pay practices of corporations and aims to make them as reliably comparable as possible.

REM SMART ( makes pay data easily accessible at reasonable cost. It is an intelligent data warehouse for mining by experts and non-professionals alike.

Garbage in, garbage out – REM SMART ( invests heavily in its multi-layered quality data gathering process. Methodology development and quality assurance are performed by our seasoned experts. The result: the highest advisory quality data accessible online – enabling our clients to make sound decisions based on a trusted source.

Our Services

REM SMART ( provides Executive and Non-Executive Directors’ pay data of European listed firms – directly online and in advisory quality.

  • Level 1 data: immediately available data representing pay data from more than 10,000 individuals from major European corporations.
  • Level 2 data: pay data from other listed European corporations available online on request within three working days after purchase. Should your request take more than three working days to deliver, we will immediately contact you. Our multi-layered gathering process ensures highest data quality.

Pay data is available for Executive and Non Executive Directors. You have full access to all raw data in MS Excel7 format allowing data analysis the way you want. As an additional service there are also predefined reports available.

Data & Methodology

REM SMART ( provides Executive and Non-Executive Directors’ pay data of European listed firms – directly online and in advisory quality. Pay data from more than 10.000 individuals from the largest European companies is immediately available.

  • Cross-Europe: EuroStoxx50 and StoxxEurope501
  • UK: FTSE1002
  • France: CAC403
  • Germany: DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX4
  • Switzerland: SMI, SMIM5
  • Austria: ATX6

Compensation data from stock listed European corporations not listed in the indices above can be provided on request within 3 working days after purchase. In total, compensation data of more than 20.000 Executive and Non-Executive Directors’ from about 3.000 corporations can be provided.

Reported data elements

You will get raw data access (MS Excel7 file) to all data available via download, e.g.:

  • Scope data: revenue, employees, market capitalization, EPS
  • Company demographics: country, reporting currency, stock index
  • Pay data: all pay information as reported based on our International
  • Compensation Disclosure Standard (ICDS)8
  • Individual data: director’s name, full or part year, gender, etc.

Making pay comparable requires a methodology that bridges all the various ways of disclosure, more than even the number of European countries. Therefore, we have developed the International Compensation Disclosure Standard ICDS8 (PDF Download).

  • Base salary: all fixed pay elements paid in the last fiscal year
  • Annual variable pay: variable pay elements with a performance period of one year and paid out for the last fiscal year immediately
  • Multi-year pay: variable pay elements with a performance period of more than one year granted in the last fiscal year

We also provide information on specific pay data with regard to certain countries and industries:

  • Germany based on German Corporate Governance Code standard reporting tables9 » Download Details (PDF)
    Additional pay elements: benefits, pension, other compensation
    Additional methodology: realized pay for the last fiscal year, target compensation for the last fiscal year, maximum realizable pay for the last fiscal year
  • Switzerland based on discounted values for equity based compensation10 » Download Details (PDF)
    Additional pay elements: benefits, pension, employer social security contributions
    Additional methodology: discounted tax values for equity based compensation
  • Banks according to CRD IV/EBA » Download Details (PDF)
    Additional pay elements: upfront cash, upfront instruments, deferred cash, deferred instruments
    Additional methodology: fixed compensation in CRD IV logic

In case you want to learn more about our methodology please see “Methodology & Glossary” (PDF Download). All assumptions made when gathering data are conveyed transparently and are included in the raw data as additional information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Reports & Pricing

Access data

Accessing REM SMART ( is simple. Before mining our database, you need only to pre-register using your e-mail address. There is no obligation when registering. It will be used merely to store any selections should you decide to purchase later.
If you want to confirm your data selection and finalize a purchase, complete your registration. Afterwards you will be able to download your file(s) immediately. Your invoice will follow by email.

Select data

To obtain your specific data set is a matter of 3 simple steps. Using our state-of-the-art and intuitive filters:
1) Select your data set: year of reporting, Executive-Director or Non-Executive Director, ICDS8 or another reporting standard …
2) Filter the data to get a first selection: country, scope, index, industry
3) Select the final data items you wish to purchase from your selection list

Buy data

To use REM SMART ( no membership is required. You pay only when and for what data you purchase. All previously purchased data and your credentials are stored in your account. Payment is made via invoice or by credit card.

  • One line of data, e.g. pay information for the CEO of one company
    • Level 1 data – immediately available: 75 Euros.
    • Level 2 data – available within three working days: 150 Euros.
  • Minimum order is 500 Euros.
  • Should you be interested in large data sets (> 50 lines of data), historic data or have other special requests, please contact us for availability and specific pricing.


08/2018 Get your STOXX insights now

All companies listed in STOXX Europe 50 and Euro STOXX 50 are now available in the REM SMART ( database. » Access data

07/2018 all indices Germany available

Compensation data for board members of management and supervisory boards in stock listed companies in Germany are available as of now. » Access data


In our online media center, you will find the most current news as well as background information about REM SMART ( If you cannot find the information, you need or have questions, please contact the listed contact persons. We look forward to talking with you.

August 7, 2018 – Equity-based compensation drives company performance

Companies worldwide are taking strong measures to compensate their employees with equity-based compensation and develop an equity culture within the company, according to the recent Global Equity Insights Survey from the management consultancy. Now in its sixth consecutive year, the study is conducted in cooperation with the Global Equity Organization (GEO).
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July 26, 2018 – Guidelines for sustainable management board remuneration systems

A working group of well-known chairs of German supervisory boards, institutional investors, academics and corporate governance experts has presented guidelines for sustainable remuneration systems for German publicly listed companies.
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June 22, 2018 – Earnings for top managers in Europe

Compensation for CEOs in leading European companies has risen by approximately three percent, but remains below the peak value of 2015. By contrast, pay for Supervisory Board members and chairpersons is again in marginal decline. Switzerland is a pay paradise for CEOs and chairpersons.
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March 23, 2018 – DAX Management Board Compensation: Moderate increase to a new all-time high

Total compensation for CEOs in the DAX increases by 3.5% to an average of EUR 7.4 million – corporate profits grow by 36%. Significantly improved compensation reports pick up on investors’ requirements. Analysis from the “Management Board Annual Report Evaluation DAX 2017”.
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Our team consists of experienced compensation experts with industry and consulting background – understanding client needs from simple data picking to complex benchmarks and comprehensive reports.

We are always available to discuss your needs, so please do not hesitate to contact your REM SMART ( expert. If you have questions or want more information do not hesitate to contact us per E-Mail: or via phone from your country (English speaking support).